Quick start guide

The quick start guide will lead you from zero to sound and show some of the most important features of Vector. For a comprehensive description of the machine and its sound synthesis engine, see the Overview section.

  1. First, make sure the hardware is set up properly:

    • Connect a MIDI controller to the USB or MIDI IN jack.

    • Connect headphones to the Phones jack.

    • Connect the provided power supply and turn on Vector.

  2. After Vector starts up, it shows the Orbiter screen screen_orbiter – it is called after the blue orb which moves along a certain trajectory. Make sure the Control switch is in the Auto position.

  3. Hit the Focus button twice. The blue orb moves to the first (top left) Corner.

  4. Play a note and experiment with the five knobs just below the display which control the Corner parameters (Overtone Gen 1 and 2, Overtone Blend, Filter Cutoff and Filter Resonance).

  5. Hit Focus again to move to the next Corner and create a different sound by playing a note. Each Corner has its own set of parameters.

  6. Hold the Focus button to exit the focus mode. Notice the blue orb is moving along the trajectory again. Now, when you play a note, all four Corners are playing simultaneously and their mix is determined by the position of the green orb. Explore the periodic modulation.

  7. The trajectory can be moved on the touchscreen or warped on the Warp Pad. Try the different shapes and speeds.

  8. Next, try the Arpeggiator. Make sure the Active switch in the Arpeggiator section is turned on and that the Feed Direction switch is set to Arp or Both and slowly blinking. If it is not, enable the Feed button.

  9. Play a chord to trigger the arpeggiator. You can transpose octaves of the individual steps in the top part of the Effects screen screen_effects. You can also use the Octave Walk random_keys to enable octave randomization.

  10. Try the Delay. Set the Feed Direction switch to Delay or Both and the Delay knob in the Mixer section to approximately 50%. Play with the Delay Time and Delay Feedback on the Effects screen screen_effects.

  11. Play with Chorus and Reverb in a similar fashion (except the Feed Direction has no effect here).

  12. Move to the Presets screen screen_presets and try another preset from the System presets collection to explore more sound possibilities!